Athlete's Party

Athlete's Party

EMACI will bring to the city of Braga more than 4000 participants from various corners of the world in what is one of the most respected athletics championships in the world world for veterans.

For all those who want to get to know the host city even better, the organization of this championship organizes on February 25th, the , the Athlete's Party in the renowned space of the city, the Solar do Paço.

Having as its theme the minhoto camp (Arraial Minhoto), this party aims to present the gastronomy, music and cultural traditions of Minho.

  • EMA - European Masters Athletics
  • FPA - Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo
  • EMACI 2020 Braga
  • EMACI 2020 Braga - Organizing Association

    Address: Estádio 1º Maio | Parque da Ponte | 4711-909 Braga

    Telephone: 00351 924 489 968