EMACI athletes received in Braga with open arms

EMACI athletes received in Braga with open arms

After being selected by the European Master Athletics (EMA), the city of Braga,  is about to receive the EMACI 2022, and is already prepared for this great event which will  take place between the 20th and 27th of February 2022, with much of the competitive calendar taking place in the Altice Forum Braga Pavilion.

For Braga and for the Bracarenses this is the commitment that the municipality tends to develop in the area of sport, and the city today has organizational capacity to receive an event of this dimension. This initiative is another strong point of the work developed by the city and is the recognition of Braga as a European example of promoting sport. Braga and its sports work are now sure that, of all the experience developed through the major sporting events of which we have already been the scene, this is a great initiative that will bring thousands of people to the city, which comes to validate the work done and and reward the spirit of innovation and pioneering with which we face the task of promoting sport and involving the entire population in this intention.

The month of February 2022 will be marked by a major competition where the organization provides for a participation of more than 4,000 participants, from more than 45 countries, beyond europe's own limits, following the growth seen in the previous two editions held in Ancona, Italy (2016) and Madrid, Spain (2018).

So that all athletes feel at home, the city will work intensively on their well-being and comfort, having already implemented several partnerships.

 Therefore, all accredited athletes and family members will have several discounts during the week in which the event takes place.

We are sure that Braga will host this great event with open arms and in the best way possible, with great  professionalism and fair play.

  • EMA - European Masters Athletics
  • FPA - Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo
  • EMACI 2020 Braga
  • EMACI 2020 Braga - Organizing Association

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