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The organization of EMACI 2022 Braga has a partner agency that will simplify and ensure all your travel procedures, from air travel, airport to hotel transfers and your stay.

The organization will also have in operation, at Altice Forum Braga, two large dining venues that will ensure this essential service to all participants.

The city of Braga has, year after year, the result of its tourist activity, a growing number of hotel units, with different types, ranging from Guest Houses, Camping, Residentials, Hotels, Local Accommodation, Rural Tourism, which allow you to welcome all EMACI2022 Braga participants.

Braga offers those who visit us a rich, juicy and varied cuisine, according to the tradition of several generations, with cod becoming the favorite dish. The diversity of the natural landscape and the influences received over centuries by other people explain the multiplicity of gastronomic specialties.

The culinary art in Braga is famous not only for the variety of menus, but above all for the care and freshness in its preparation.

By the influence of the city's religiosity and assuming a continuous Lenten practice, the abstinence periods were religiously fulfilled, leading to the creation of multifaceted ways of cooking cod.

Of the many recipes stands out Codfish Narcissa, better saying "to Eusebia", emeritus cook of the restaurant Narcisa deceased in 1972, today also designated as Codfish to Braga and added value in the gastronomic dissemination of the entire region.

The region's famous green wine, white or red, allows a good accompaniment, whatever the dish chosen.

It is in the confectionery that Braga's cuisine achieves a greater originality and refinement, with the Abade de Priscos pudding, pilasters and dry biscuits to accompany the tea, as well as other rich specialties of long conventual and popular tradition.

Bracarense Kitchen Dishes:

Codfish Braga or Narcisa; Sarrabulho Popes; Rojões à Minhota; Braga Roast Goatling; Roasted Veal; Pica no Chão Rice; Braga Style Duck Rice; Codfish Stylish Minho; Frying pans; Green Broth with Corn Bread.


Pudding Priscos De Abade; Gentlemen; Flint; Patience; Supplicates; Moraca Cavacas; Sweet Braga slices; Broinhas de St. António; Sameirinhos; Chila Cigars; St. Vincent's Day Sweatshirts; Scrambled; Sweet White; Thalassas; Braga widows; Normal and Chila King Cake; French toast; Milk Cream; Vermicelli; Widows (Convent of Remedies).

We help you book your stay.

The EMACI 2022 organization has a partnership to help you book your stay in Braga so you can attend the event with no worries.
Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in booking your flight and accommodation.

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