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COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Procedures EMACI 2022 BRAGA

COVID-19 Procedures EMACI 2022 BRAGA separator

This document defines, in a very summarized way, all the procedures to be respected by all participants in the EMACI 2022 Braga, according to the rules and guidelines defined by the Portuguese Government and National Health Authority, duly provided for in the Contingency Plan of the Sports Facility that will host the championships.

It should be noted that throughout the European space, rules and procedures are changing very quickly, so the measures indicated in this document may be changed until the start date of EMACI 2022 Braga.


A. Entry into Portugal (by air) 

  1. From the 7th of February there is no obligation to present a negative test for COVID-19, just the presentation of a COVID Digital Certificate from the EU;
  2. After this date, the procedure defined for arrivals in Portugal has not yet been defined.


B. Access to Altice Forum Braga (EMACI) 

  1. All people who need to enter the Altice Forum Braga building need to present the EU's COVID Digital Certificate, or in the absence of this, a negative COVID-19 test. This entrance allows access to the accreditation, confirmation and protocol ceremonies area;
  2. Inside the Altice Forum Braga, for participants to be able to access the athletics track, located in an autonomous pavilion, it is necessary to present a negative test for COVID-19, with the following validity: Rapid Antigen Test – 24 Hours | PCR Test – 72 Hours;
  3. Except for the presentation of a negative test for COVID-19, all participants who have an EU COVID Digital Certificate of Recovery, valid for 180 days;
  4. Understanding the difficulty that athletes may experience in the COVID-19 testing process, namely non-Portuguese participants, the organization will provide a testing service at Altice Forum Braga, for the amount of €10.00;
  5. The use of a mask is mandatory in all sports venues, and is only waived in warm-up and competition situations.


C. Access to Restaurants, Hotels and Bars

  1. Access to restaurants, hotels, local accommodation, bars and other commercial establishments requires the presentation of an EU COVID Digital Certificate.


D. COVID-19 Measures
The rules currently in force in Portugal define the following for COVID cases and COVID contacts:

  1. If you test positive for COVID-19
    a) Need to complete 7 days of Prophylactic Isolation, without the need to carry out testing at the end of this period.
  2. In case of contact with a positive person
    a) If the vaccination process is complete, there is no need for Prophylactic Isolation, with only mandatory testing on the 3rd day, through a rapid antigen test;
    b) If the vaccination process is not complete or without vaccination, and if the contact is of high risk (without a mask), need to comply with Prophylactic Isolation for 7 days, with mandatory testing on the 3rd and 7th day of isolation. If the tests are negative, the Prophylactic Isolation period ends.


E. COVID-19 Vaccination Plan in Portugal
The COVID-19 vaccination plan in Portugal includes:

  1. Janssen vaccine – 1 dose + 1 booster dose
  2. Modern Vaccine – 2 doses + 1 booster dose
  3. Pfizer vaccine – 2 doses + 1 booster dose
  4. AstraZeneca Vaccine – 2 doses + 1 booster dose
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