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This event takes place in Braga separator

Dear athletes and other participants in the European Master Athletics Championships Indoor 2022, welcome Braga, welcome to the capital of Minho, welcome to Portugal.

Braga is a city of enormous beauty and rich heritage, combining tradition with innovation, memory with youth, creativity with conservatism.

With over 2000 years of rich history, it has one of the oldest Sacred Hills in Europe and the flagship of the Minho region, the Bom Jesus, which has recently been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Braga is home to the oldest Cathedral in Portugal and the Benedictine Mother House, the Tibães Monastery.

Braga presents places that, due to their intrinsic devotion and beauty, impose themselves as landmarks of mandatory reference and visit. Sameiro Sanctuary, Bom Jesus and Falperra, based on an appealing religious base, are surrounded by ecstatic green spaces and paradisiacal landscapes.
The Roman legacy is another of Braga's attractive factors, often nicknamed 'Portuguese Rome', the result of its origin in the Roman city of Bracara Augusta. Known for its distinguished churches, splendid 18th century houses, gardens, parks and leisure facilities. Braga's long history is visible in all the splendor of its monuments, museums and churches.

Visiting Braga is a journey through time within modernity. An ancient city of traditional religiosity - always imposing in its richness and majesty - lives hand in hand with entrepreneurship and youthful spirit in such vital areas as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry and services.

Enjoy Braga! From here set off to discover Gerês, Northern Portugal and Galicia, but come back ... Come back because here is close to everything.

In Braga, feel good in this cozy, close, distinctive and complete land!

We look forward to seeing you here and talking about us!

This event takes place in Braga
The venue of the event is the Altice Forum Braga

The venue of the event is the Altice Forum Braga separator

Inspired by the Roman heritage of the capital of Minho, Forum Braga is a new center of the northern region and the country, with unique and excellent conditions for holding congresses, shows, fairs and all kinds of events.

A modern, interactive and environmentally sustainable forum, designed and made for people. A meeting point for business, culture and multiple valences to make dreams come true and realize all kinds of experiences.

The Altice Forum Braga will feature a track with six circular and eight central corridors, with all the technical conditions adjacent to the importance of this major international athletics event.

We help you book your stay.

The EMACI 2022 organization has a partnership to help you book your stay in Braga so you can attend the event with no worries.
Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in booking your flight and accommodation.

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